CRM Software


CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps to automate and manage the customer lifecycle for sales and marketing departments.

Using CRM software we can maintain our business leads, thier follow ups, travel time also we can send them quotation, invoice, billing we can maintain smoothly and auto reminders and notifiactions will always alert you to enhance your business.

For any business customer relationship is the most important thing, that everyone knows but really are we maintaing customer relationship as on single click do you have client list serivewise? servicewise leads? their follow up status? their billing? your valuable clients birthdays? auto renewal messages? etc. many questions solved using CRM software.

“How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” -Bill Gates 

Founder of Microsoft
Customer relationship management

Benefits of CRM

Maintain Leads and Follow Ups

CRM software gives you efficiency to maintain your business leads as when what your leads speak last month or before that no matter when and what client speak just we need to maintain in CRM and that's it. Next time whenver you speak with your lead, you can continue your communication what last time you discussed..

Client work status

CRM software support you to improve coordination of work as many service industry having few steps to complete their work, that work status and process we can maintain using CRM, No need to worry about delay as we can schedule work and assign to our executives.

Custom Reports

at the end every businessmen wants to know their business statistics as how many leads, how many we convert into client, what about billing, etc real time reports also you will get using Elite Softwares CRM software.